About His Life

D2Dauda Ndabologi Idowu-Fearon was born on the 24th September 1984, at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria, to Most Rev. & Mrs. Josiah Idowu-Fearon. He is the second of three children, Ibrahim, who is the eldest and Ninma, the only girl and last of the three.

The extraordinary gentleman whom we are commemorating today gave his life to Christ at the tender age of 6. He became a devout Christian and, while attending primary school in Kent Academy, Miango, Jos. His faith strengthened, slowly moulding him into a fine young man.

Right after completing his primary school education, Dauda commenced his secondary school education at Adesoye College, in his beloved home country, Nigeria, in 1996. During the course of his studies, he engaged in several sports, such as basketball and volleyball, and participated in social activities, such as barbing and horticulture. He set numerous sports records, earning him nicknames such as “Dau Wow” and “ Dauvation”. Simply put, Dauda was a man of versatility. He became very popular after his return from Man O’War Bay. His focus, determination, skill and potential led him to gain the position as Head boy of the graduating set of 2002. Till date, “Dauvation” remains a role model and legend in time.

After graduation, Dauda moved to the United Kingdom and started his A-Levels at Dean Close School, Cheltenham with dreams of pursuing a career in Medicine. Despite having very good grades at A-levels (an “A” and 2 “B”s), Dauda spent another year doing A-levels at Lansdowne College to improve his chances.

Unable to get into medical school, he took a year out during which he worked at Priory Court Nursing Home. The residents and staff alike loved him and his dedication to the job meant that even on a Christmas morning, he ensured Ibrahim drove him to work in his determination and love to help people. During this period, Dauda’s spirit of adventure drove him to Israel, to work as a volunteer with young children who were growing up in the midst of the ’war’. His main goal was to enrich their spiritual lives but, being the daring person he was, he crossed the line and succeeded in affecting them psychologically, and emotionally, in a positive manner.

School came back onto the map and in 2005, he gained admission into the University of West of England (UWE) to study Bio-Medical Science. During the three years that followed, Dauda never slowed down. He was constantly filled enthusiasm and vigour and in the words of his friends, “he was the one who spent so much time in the library.” He was due to graduate on the 18th November 2008, with upper 2nd class honours.

His dream to study Medicine finally came true when in September 2008, he commenced his studies at the University of Bristol. As the Lord would have it, he did not make it to either his graduation or the end of his medical degree.

Our son, brother, cousin, grandson, nephew, uncle, and friend, Dauda, was known to be a very quiet and reserved individual. He was the clown of the family, who always made everyone laugh, adults and children alike. Out of the three Fearon children, he was the most reserved; yet, he still possessed a certain aura that attracted people to him. He was never afraid of being himself or even embarrassing himself because to him, such acts made life beautiful. Dauda was a man of diligence, effervescent in nature and filled with love for life. His love for people, sports, knowledge, music, cultures, and Christ made him the man he grew up to be.

May His gentle soul rest in perfect peace.