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  1. I find it quite difficult to comment …..

    Been on Facebook but somehow hadn’t gotten a response to a friend request I sent a long time ago…..Never knew the reason till today.

    Rest in Peace Broda!

  2. Just Browsing the internet for ground breaking people an stumbled across a Nigerian that set up an automobile company. I was surprised to know the first model was being named after a someone and this made me curios to want to know the person. I believe word and picture in this site are not enough to express who you true Mr Dauda and as much as it hurt me that i never meet you. I am grateful to God that allowed you touch thousands of people through your journey in life. I must also confess that the testament of your life is inspiring enough to want to be like you even though you we being yourself.

    I Pray the Auto-mobile “SE Dau” is completed and the story behind it inspires many to LOVE GOD, THEMSELVES an their NEIGHBOURS like i have read about you. Rest in Peace

  3. Dauda Fearon a dedicated, discpline and dynamic student at A C O , who diligently aimed high to become the Headboy of the school, the post his brother held. May your soul rest in peace.

    Adewoye Adeniyi T (Ogbeni)

  4. Being a junior in Adesoye College Offa was never really easy, BUT on Dauda’s table it was a totally different story. As the head of the table he changed my early views of what a person in authority can and should do with the “much” they had been given. He truly embraced and loved everyone big or small, you meant something to Dauda and he gave his time. He was already a true disciplinarian but showed me kindness is not an act of weakness.
    In our Fathers house we shall meet again I pray.

  5. About two yrs ago, I was on facebook trying to hook up with my old friends, then I stumbled on this website. I was shocked! Dauda, I can’t believe this strong young man so full of life is gone. You were a wonderful person. I still remember our KA days. Miss u a lot. Rest on my dear frnd.

  6. Still bugs me how alive you seem. It’s like you’re still here…which you are technically.
    Your energy, smile and charismatic nature will never be forgotten.

    Always going to be remembered.
    Till we meet again.

  7. My earliest memory of Dauda was when he was still in primary school at Kent academy. He had come over to my house and was teaching Ibrahim Usman-Oyowe and I how to play baseball. This is was probably in1993, no one in Kaduna knew anything about baseball, its 2013 and I still don’t, but Dauda did. He was always one step ahead of all his peers. Dunking the basketball in the first year of secondary school was a feat no one even considered to be possible, but he did with such ease and finesse that it was hard to believe even for those of us that witnessed it with our eyes. Barely 5 feet tall, dunking a basketball on a 10 foot rim. Dauda was my friend all through high school, he understood hard work & discipline in a way that motivates me till today. It hurts know that God allowed us to experience his presence for only 24 years, and though it was painful to lose him I am eternally grateful that I was fortunate enough to know him. He lives in my heart, always.

  8. It’s been 5 years since you left us behind, but funny enough, it doesn’t feel like any time has gone at all. Still seems like yesterday I got the dreadful news. Guess that’s why the number 5 stands for grace…grace to bear all things. The tide is turning, and we are learning to be grateful, grateful for the time we spent knowing you, the blessings and lessons learnt from you that we will always hold dear.

    I thank God for you Dauda, as I always have. You were exceptional from the first day I met you, and even when we went our separate ways, it always felt like you were somewhere close, even now. And I thank God for grace, for those you hold dear to be able to live on, and do the things I’m sure you would want them to. We will meet again someday, but till then I know you’re in that cloud of witnesses, watching and cheering on till the final day.

    Rest on dear one.

  9. …. And could I have one wish this year, this only would it be: I’d like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me. Forever thankful for your friendship and advice. Continue to rest in perfect peace Dau…. We love n miss U. X

  10. Third grade, Kent Academy, two little boys stepped on the basketball court in front of the boys hostel. Dauda Fearon! You were the fastest, had the highest leap, most ferocious dunk. I was terrified (I admit for the first time) but I am glad i took the challenge. It was the beginning of a great bond and friendship on and off the court. I grew taller but your heart was always bigger. You are a wonderful friend and brother full of the zest and zing for life. Miss you like crazy men !

  11. Dau, 5 years later, it’s still hard to accept that you are not here with us!
    There have been so many emotions since then; Denial, Anger, Sadness, Helplessness and Calm acceptance are just a few that have been experienced, passed and then the cycle happens again. The question now is where do we go from here?

    We hold on to you when we reflect on memories of the laughs, the tears, hanging out, accolades you received and, of course, your passion for sports (including dealing with those sports injuries), friends and family.

    Dau, you are a brother and son to us and we will continue to celebrate you and your achievements as we remember you!

  12. Dauda it’s been 5 years already… where is the time going!? We met almost 20 years ago; were in the same class for form 1 and 2, and for some reason we always sat next to each other. I remember all the shenanigans we got into especially in class 2 (let me not start casting here lol). I remember “Laduni” newspaper that we made and were so proud of. I remember all the times we gisted during 6th period instead of paying attention – myself, you, Ladi, Tayo, Bolaji and Aminu.

    I remember Jos. We literally screamed in excitement when you and Seun Smith were called as part of Jaja team members. I could smell the trophy. I remember inter-house sports, basketball matches, running. I remember one inter- house sports you ran with a broken toe and you came first. I can go on and on.
    Whenever I see an old photograph of you I find myself staring intently. I don’t know why, like I am trying to decipher new things about that image or the memory, but in reality I’m just blank. Just staring, like Dauda is really gone. Unstoppable Dauda Fearon is gone… I still haven’t met anyone as full of life as you so truth is; it’s really still hard to believe.

    The Homily at Mass today was extremely apt: when we stop living on earth we are not ‘dead’ we are only transitioning to the other world, living and praying for those on earth. Dau you are certainly not dead, you lived a beautiful, albeit short, but fulfilled life on earth, God had other plans by making your transition early.

    Keep Resting brother, and Pray for us all.

  13. Dauda, as if it was yesterday we last saw you. It is impossible to believe that it’s been five years. I want you to know that I miss you dearly also your cousins. You are remembered everyday as if you are never gone. A picture of you graces my table among others and each time I see your face it reminds me of your loving nature, your ability to sparkle an environment and needless to say you have a way of leaving special and unforgettable moments. Your cousins and I cannot make sense of it, that is your being taking away from us way too early but we accept as we cannot question the creator but one thing we do know is that you are in a wonderful place. May your loving soul continue to rest in perfect peace, Amen.

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